Feb 12, 2024

Elevating Innovation: Top Builder Competition Enters Round 2

Elevating Innovation: Top Builder Competition Enters Round 2

Welcome to the next exhilarating chapter of the Top Builder competition. As we step into Round 2, we're not just continuing a competition but fostering a movement of innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem. The dedication and ingenuity the Top Builder teams have shown have been nothing short of inspirational, and as we move forward, the stakes get higher and the opportunities grander.

A Journey of Resilience and Ingenuity

Our adventure began on December 18, 2023, sparking a flurry of interest that saw 275 teams throw their hats into the ring. By January 13, 2024, this enthusiasm crystallized into 71 completed submissions, from which 31 trailblazing teams embarked on this transformative journey.

Despite the inevitable challenges and the departure of a few teams, the spirit of competition and innovation remained undiminished. As we closed Round 1 on February 10, 2024, 26 teams had reached their milestones, with 15 standout teams advancing to Round 2, each exemplifying the commitment and vision the Top Builder competition seeks to cultivate.

A Salute to All Participants

To the teams whose journey with us ends here, know that your contributions have enriched this experience. We encourage you to continue engaging with the TopBuilder community, setting new milestones, and pursuing visionary projects within the PlebLab ecosystem.

The Vanguard of Round 2

With great excitement, we announce the teams moving forward to Round 2 of the Top Builder Program. Congratulations to:

  • Clams #16
  • Coracle #21
  • BitScript #23
  • LNPlay #28
  • Resolvr.io #20
  • Branta #25
  • Yopaki #34
  • LunchMoney #44
  • CASCDR #37
  • Jippi #38
  • zap.meme #42
  • Shopstr #17
  • Plebwork #24
  • Bitcoin Mastermind: Bitcoin Lightning Quiz and Survey Maker #27
  • Bitcoineando #32

Your innovation and perseverance have set you apart, and we eagerly anticipate the next phase of your journey.

The Road Ahead

The journey intensifies for our 15 teams in Round 2, leading to the selection of the Final 5 by February 24, 2024. The culmination will be the Startup Day presentations in Austin, TX, on March 14, 2024. We're here to support you with mentorship, workshops, and community engagement as you navigate this exciting phase.

Engage and Innovate

The ~Builders community on Stacker News is a fantastic resource for initial user feedback and beta testing. Showcase your #ProofOfWork there and engage with the broader Bitcoin community. When sharing updates on social media, tag @PlebLab and use #TopBuilder2024 to enhance your project's visibility.

Stay Connected

Keep abreast of all things TopBuilder through our digital platforms and social media. Engage, share, and connect as we build projects and a future for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Our commitment to each team's visibility and progress remains unwavering as we progress beyond the initial phase. Each participant's spirit of innovation is invaluable, and we encourage all to continue sharing, supporting, and collaborating. This is more than a competition; it's a collective endeavor that enriches us all.

In Conclusion

Embrace this unique opportunity to learn, innovate, and expand your horizons within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Set your new milestones, and let's build the future, one block at a time. You have 14 days to make your mark.

Let's make them count.


Team PlebLab

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